AI and storytelling
If a computer can identify a drawing of a pig as the animal that the drawing represents, then how is that different than our ability to identify non literal representations of objects? Some of our earliest recorded storytelling as humans was through the non literal representations of animals. What separates our ancient organic mind from the mechanical minds being created today? The answer is emotion and a self awareness with an overwhelming interest in self preservation. We can influence these mechanical minds through code and mathematics we can not make them fear or hope. 

Critique 1 week 1

Experimentation was successful new insights were found. Now walking within the in between, right were I want to be. I need to be cautious with the use of the word manipulation in my vernacular, unless I want to trigger people’s emotions intentionally. Some good advice was to actively play the game that is social media which reinforces my previously identified project goals.  A substitute word possibly could be influencer instead of manipulater. At the very least I should sample the artists suggested and see what they have to offer. I believe there was some confusion between manipulation and deceit based on a few suggested sources. I am not interested in deceit. I am more interested in subtly shifting perceptions and thought patterns. Also interested in using the power of narrative to connect people emotionally to a cause or shared goal. 

Don’t be smug people hate it. 

How do I maintain a comfortable disconnect while maintaining control of the project without becoming overly emotionally invested? Find the middle for your own personal emotions in relation to your education.


Communication, storytelling, transfer of information survival manipulation of an interconnected species. Gestures body language, grunts, oral communication words language, image. What is it that drives us to communicate? How much time we spend trying to be heard. How our evolution as humans mirrors our evolution as individuals. All communication is based initially on survival. The fetus in the womb initially unconsciously communicates with its mother through body movement and then at birth with a cry or scream. The need to be heard to be seen, pay attention. The first primal roar. The evolution of this roar to a steady stream of 140 characters illuminated by the light of digital devices can win an election? How is this different and simultaneously the same as the stories told in the firelight of ages gone by? Once communication has moved beyond survival what is its purpose? It connects us manipulates it informs. Manipulation for good or evil the creation of common goals. When the  space is flooded with an overwhelming amount of communication and individuals all roaring for attention how do we create moments of clarity within the collective roar. What is the most effective way to capture minds and hearts in the midst of the information storm that we have created?


Hello, It’s been a minute. Quick recap of this project, just to get the ducks in a row.


The origin idea was to somehow give cannabis a soul an at a glance identity. Just like traditional prescriptions, cigarettes and alcohol. As medical and recreational cannabis has been legalized in one way or another across this country each state has made individual decisions on packaging. This has caused a significant amount of unethical packaging to appear. This is a problem for two reasons it is then attractive to children and continues stereotype that cannabis consumers are irresponsible stoners, thereby continuing years of stigma which has surrounded the use of cannabis.

The first steps taken to solve this problem were researching peoples opinions on packaging in relationship to safety and security. I also gathered the general perceptions of cannabis and how it is being handled in our country and Ohio. Individuals interviewed were not as concerned with packaging safety as I thought they would be. One of the recurring themes was a lack of education about cannabis use medicinally and recreationally.  I also took a road trip to Ann Arbor Michigan in an attempt to interview growers and dispensary owners since medicinal cannabis is legal in the state of Michigan. I was able to meet with a grower but they were very hesitant to discuss the topic and did not want to have our conversations recorded. This grower also attempted to put me in contact with around 10 dispensaries in the area. While everyone I spoke to  was polite on the phone they were all very elusive when it came to setting up an appointment for an interview. Finally I was able to get a couple of people from a hydroponic supply store to speak with me at some length. These individuals were able to pull back the curtain and provide me with info on why everyone seemed so skittish. While the State of Michigan had legalized medicinal cannabis their were still branches of the government that were persecuting individuals active in the cannabis business.

The recurring themes around cannabis identified during my research are a powerful stigma that is surrounded and created by ignorance and fear. This unfounded fear has then perpetuated the stigma which has caused people to overlook one very basic fact. This is a medicine or wellness product that can enrich peoples lives by reliving pain that is physical or mental without causing  any of the life threatening side effects found in the majority of our pharmaceuticals.

The research changed my problem. The problem was not to make the packaging safer but to make the packaging educate and empower the cannabis user to stand up for themselves. To change the perceptions of cannabis within their own communities and to change the minds of their elected officials. Because why should people not have a safe alternative to the aggressive and often harmful pharmaceuticals offered daily.

Opioid deaths reported by the Columbus Dispatch