Statement of inquiry.

What is the difference between commercially created design and for profit fine art? Motivations are equal. What is the difference between advertising with a message of hope and advertising with fear? Desired out comes are the same. What is the difference between the television and a mobile device? Group versus individual. What is the difference between a digital image and the physical item? Is it experiential? Is it scale? Is it texture? Is it place? The outcome is not the same. How do You answer these questions? The more I look the less I know. My work asks what do you know when it comes to visual communication. I know that it is evolutionarily the most powerful way that we as a species on this planet communicate. The tools for visual communication evolve, but have the tricks we use changed? No. The tools change, but the game is the same.

White out

This is what happens when we have intense focus on a certain thought activity or object. The event where everything around us becomes nonexistent because of intense focus. Technology has in some ways amplified this occurence. How can this be experimented with and recreated. What and how will this phenomenon manifest itself in the future? 

Russian Influence 2016

Russia used our addictions and division against us. This is an example of regressive thinking that creates the wedge that divides. They used the same fear strategies that were used by our current presidents campaign. Doubt and loss of personal identity. Why must we suppress others identity to protect our own fragile sense of self. For instance I encountered an unfortunate occurrence where a student was pulled from a program by the parents because of unfounded fear that their child would become gay through osmosis. Capitalizing on ignorance to influence. Its like Milton Glaser says in the linked video below. The role of the designer is not to persuade but to inform. To think otherwise is pigheaded, selfish and ultimately destructive.

So where does this fear of change come from when we talk about new products or ideas why do we push back against some and accept others? Is it to protect our status quo? Is it just a fear of loss why? Why? What happened in our evolution that makes us rebel and kick against the goad of change? Is it as simple as perceived value? How does it enrich your life or your perception of survival?

Milton says inform don’t persuade but how can you create to inform without realizing that the way you inform will persuade. He brings about a very good point but maybe the distinction is that if you are informing to manipulate to your own goals that may not be in the influenced parties best interest then you are on the wrong side of things. The correlation to when I critique if I am harsh to you the distinction is where is my heart when I do it so this should be considered when I create to inform or persuade it should be for good. Although then we are back to how do we quantify this. I think it should be why are you doing it. If money or fame are your goals then you are empty. I am empty. When did we become so empty wrapped up in the illusion of intelligence, pursuit of success and hot air? If we do not change we will always be chasing this unattainable goal and die an unsatisfied individual that never accomplished enough. We need more HOPE and less fear. We need to hope to make the world a better place and stop being afraid that we will never be successful. The fear of failure in conjunction with the self perception of being not good enough will be our undoing. Your job is to inform not manipulate. Although be aware of the way in which you inform will persuade influence or manipulate.